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The best impact driver on the market is a must-have and/or would-like-to-have automotive tool. It may be a small tool but it can handle big jobs. It uses a clutching impact mechanism that creates rotational force.

This tool produces more torque than a cordless drill. With that in mind, it becomes an ideal device for tough jobs despite its size.

This driver is also perfect for less muscular users. If you need to handle tight spaces, then this type of tool is a must-have. With its size, it becomes a useful tool for professional contractors or occasional home users.

Years ago, this driver was considered a rare specialty tool. These days, however, it has sparked curiosity giving a spike in its popularity. Through the benefits it can provide to any type of user, it has becomes a popular instrument that you can find in home improvement tools, supply catalogs and online.

In this list, we have highlighted three of the best impact driver models that you can easily purchase at Amazon.

1. Bosch Bare-Tool IDS181BL 18-Volt

It comes with a head length of 5.4 inches. This impact driver can be comfortably used in places that are hard to reach. It has an integrated 3-LED ring that provides great illumination in low lighting conditions. Unlike other impact drivers on the market, this one has an ergonomic design with a soft grip for maximum comfort. It also gives you better control when you need to fasten any type of object.

To make sure that its battery will last a lifetime, it is built with electronic cell protection. Bosch is not a new brand in the hardware department. And this brand keeps getting better. This impact driver model of Bosch is a good match for the matching drill. This is especially true if the job needs more torque for tougher applications.

What many users like about this driver is that it fits nicely in their hands. The forward or reverse switch is easy for them to reach. Because of its size, it is considered as an extremely compact driver. It lets you drive screws that are in confined areas. Despite its size, it is still a powerful machine. It can drive a screw that is 2×4.

If you want to save more when purchasing this driver, you may want to buy it without batteries. This is a perfect tool for you if you already own a drill.

Some people who bought it thought that they will not need it. Once they had it, they found more and more uses for it. The ergonomic design of the tool offers a well-balanced feel that makes it easy on your hand.

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2. Dewalt Bare-Tool DC825B ¼-Inch

This is another impact driver that comes with a frame-less motor that lets you use it for a longer period of time. However, before you purchase this unit, it is important to know that you will only be getting the tool. This means that you need to purchase the battery and its charger separately. That is, if you need them.

You can use this tool with 18-volt lithium-ion batteries. Because of its compact size, it lets you access tighter and smaller areas. And because of its weight, fatigue while using this tool is greatly reduced.

Then again, it is still a powerful device that can perform various fastening applications. This is an extremely durable machine that saves effort on the user’s part. To make this machine a more versatile tool, it comes with a frameless motor for longer tool durability. Because of its versatility,those who own this driver find they use it often.

The size allows you to drive 3 1/2 –screws into headers and studs, one handed. And you can do this job all day long without feeling fatigued. The size also allows any user to use this tool without any trouble at all. That is how easy it is to drive screws using this driver.

This model has fixed some of the problems that users have encountered from old style impact guns. The manufacturer did add a light in this machine and it is brighter than its competition. This tool has more power than many bigger drivers on the market. It becomes an ideal driver for driving lag screws or in less demanding tasks.

It also is a handy tool when you need to bore large holes. And compared to a drill, this driver can better remove stripped screws or rusty screws. This is simply an unexpected bonus that you will get when purchasing this driver.

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3. Black & Decker LDX120C 20-Volt Cordless Driver

This best impact driver made by Black & Decker offers compact size, lighter weight and undeniable portability. It delivers up to 650 RPM with 115 IPP of torque. Since it operates in a 20-volt lithium-ion battery, it can hold a longer charge, so you can expect it to have longer cycle life than NiCad batteries.

When you need to drill into wood or plastic, you will find the 11-position clutch to be very handy. The light weight of this machine gives you less fatigue and lets you drill or screw in any type of confined spaces. When you use the drill, you can take advantage of its anti-slip soft grip to give you comfort while performing the task. And for easier drilling in dark places, you can use its LED work light.

Can a woman use it? Absolutely. This is one of the reasons it is fast becoming a popular tool among women who love DIY stuff. This is ideal for women with small hands as it is lighter than a regular drill. However, it is sturdier with wider grip. It is actually very small compared with other units on the market. But this is a 20-volt drill that can still perform tougher jobs.

For all your drilling and screwing needs, this impact driver can be a great addition to your collection of tools. You can use it for light-duty or heavy-duty jobs around the house. Because of its durability, you can use it every day for more than eight hours. This is a tough machine that can perform for an adequate period of time.

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When shopping for the best impact driver, it is a must that you know how you are going to use it. Bear in mind that a model that is ideal for a certain task might not be right for another job. However, the units that we have mentioned above are popular enough allowing it to be used in various types of heavy or light-duty jobs. Plus, they are lighter in weight, so women with small hands or those who are less muscular can easily use these tools.

With the features of those impact drivers above, you can achieve more work without having to suffer from hand fatigue because of a heavy-duty machine. As previously mentioned, they are light units that are perfect for professionals, DIY home users, as well as handymen. When you are ready to buy the best impact driver, Amazon has thousands of drivers from top brands. The top three we have listed here are the ones that gained the most ratings from its actual or verified buyers.

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