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Of course, the most important thing you can choose after the band saw itself, is the blades. Choosing the best band saw blade will have a direct impact on the cutting performance and wear and tear on your band saw. For just about any band saw, there are three basic types of blades: Carbon steel blades, bi-metal blades and carbide tipped blades.

Carbon steel blades are the metal band saw blades used most commonly for general purpose applications such as cutting wood, aluminum and mild steel. They are made from high carbon steel and because they are not as pricey as the other blades, you will see them more often for hobby enthusiasts and home do-it-yourself equipment buyers. They are a great all around blade and probably all you would need for most uses for a metal band saw blade.

A very popular maker of band saw blades is Timber Wolf. Their long lasting silicon steel blades that will outlast carbon steel blades, but they don’t cost a fortune. Due to the excellent design of their blades, wear and tear on your band saw will be reduced too. If you are having trouble cutting through wood with your band saw, you should try Timber Wolf band saw blades. As one customer said “it was literally like a hot knife thru butter… I now LOVE using the band saw and I am amazed at what difference a blade can make!”

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Bi-Metal blades are very similar to the carbon steel blades with the exception hat their tooth edge is made with high speed steel. This makes the blade itself stronger and able to cut hard woods and all metals, including stainless steel. They are a bit pricier than the carbon steel blades, but they also cut faster and last longer. All in all they are a very versatile metal band saw blade and a good choice if you are looking to be cutting a variety of materials. If you are looking for low cost bi-metal blades, DeWalt blades are a good choice for cost-conscious buyers:

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Carbide tipped blades will handle the hardest of materials. With their precision chip teeth they will outlast all other types of blades as well as be able to tackle materials such as tropical hardwoods and hi-alloy metals including aluminum or brass. One of the biggest advantages is that carbide tipped blades last much longer without the need of sharpening. This makes them cost-effective as their life on the band saw is much longer than the typical carbon steel blade. Band saw blades direct delivered to you, please click on the following link:

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No matter what your need, there is a metal band saw blade that is just right for your project. As with any tool, the trick is to do the research and decide what is best for this particular project. Just doing this one woodworking project and not thinking you will need it much again? The carbon steel blade will probably work just fine. Starting a project that will involve everything from hi-alloy metals to native hardwoods? Then your bi-metal blade should cover all your bases. Are you moving on from occasional project to a long on-going project, such as a house remodel job? You would probably best better to invest in some carbide tipped blades to see you through. No matter what you do – getting the right blade will be just as big a part of the project as the right materials. Lastly, click here if you need information on band saws

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