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Let’s face it – the quality of a speaker always determines the overall sound output you enjoy from a home theatre. It’s as simple as that. If you are a music lover or a sound enthusiast, there are many reasons why you need to choose the best center channel speaker. One of such reasons is the brisk and clear sound you always get from a high quality speaker. Do you need a center channel speaker that stirs your emotions and captures your complete attention? Are you seriously in need of an ideal speaker which brings out the best output from your home theatre? If that’s the case you’re certainly at the right place. We would like to give you a little tour of the best center channel speaker in the market today. Are you ready for the tour? Then read on:

Klipsch RC-52 II Center Channel Loudspeaker

It is not surprising that Klipsch RC-52 has one of the highest customer ratings on Amazon.With its great combination of design and performance, the Klipsch RC-52 II channel loudspeaker produces a seamless and appealing soundstage that enables you become one with your movie entertainment. Its extraordinary balance of value and performance delivers surprising dynamics and articulate dialogue, producing superior output with less energy.

Klipsch RC-52 II Center Channel Loudspeaker


Do you know why this speaker is highly regarded among music lovers and seasoned movie  enthusiasts? Three great features sum it up: a remarkable balance of performance, dual high frequency drivers, and an unbelievable frequency response of 67 Hz.


The manufacturer of this brand really did their home work. With its black ash woodgrain finish, it was specifically designed to complement any type of deco, giving you the ideal speaker that fits properly well with other gadgets at home. There is another great feature of this product that makes it stand out among others; the Horn technology which delivers a combination of clarity, precision, and effortless power.

Its horn loaded tweeter is another innovation on its own, preventing sound waves from circulating in all direction and ensuring high frequency towards your listening area. The technology applied here has the same principle that allows you easily hear your voice when you cup you hand on your mouth. Apart from its sound defining feature, the horn also enhances sound dynamics, for distinct reproduction of all levels of sound from an undertone to the loudest on-screen explosion. That is what you get from this unique center channel speaker.

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Pioneer SP-C22 Center Channel Speaker

The Pioneer SP-C22 center channel speaker needs no introduction. It is popular among music enthusiasts and audio lovers. With a 1 inch high frequency soft dome, 4 inches structured surface woofers and RF molded curved cabinet, you can’t possibly ask for more.

If you are looking for a superior quality center channel speaker that is remarkably affordable, you don’t need to look far because the Pioneer SP-C22 channel center channel speaker is exactly that type of speaker.


There are many reasons why this speaker has maintained such a high rating on Amazon. It has been proven and tested to be a true worthy king of the home theatre system. It keeps sound anchored proportionately to the action on-screen.


Special features

The new Pioneer SP-C22 does the job in a striking fashion, making use of dual woofers for high level vocal performance. If you really want your entertainment to be as real as it can get, there is no better option than the Pioneer SP-C22 center channel speaker.

Innovative crossover design

The main role of crossovers in a speaker is to break the audio signal into high, low, and mid range frequencies leading to high performance and stunning sound quality. While other types of speakers are designed with simple inductor/capacity crossover, the SP-C22 uses state of the art, 6-element highly superior crossbar. This makes it more intriguing when watching a movie because explosions are louder, car crashes are crunchier, and dialogues are crisper, giving you an almost real life feeling while relaxing on your sofa. The SP-C22 is really a champion when it comes to exceptional audio production. If you really want to take your entertainment experience to a whole new level, the SP-C22 is the ideal center channel speaker to give you such an experience.

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Polk Audio CS10 (Single, Black) Center Channel Speaker

 New Picture

There are good speakers, and there are great speakers. Polk Audio CS10 falls among the latter category. To bring out the most in your entertainment experience, no other speaker does it better than this innovative little guy. The speaker has an angled top, which makes it easier to invert and place directly under your television.

Other brands of speakers will use other materials like particle board which is fragile, denying you of a great sound output. But

the Polk Audio speaker is designed with high quality materials that deliver superior

filtered sound quality that gets you grooving along. With removable black grille, a piano black top, and pewter accents, this speaker takes up very little space and still looks awesome.

Compact Design

This is the latest innovation in the design of speakers. Unfortunately, very few center channel speakers are designed this way. But your CS10 audio speaker carries this design which creates a sleek looking speaker with clear sound. Its sleek design makes it very compact and can easily be tucked away in your room.

Compatible with virtually all types of electronics, the CS10 center channel speaker produces sound that is clear, spacious and open, even when driven by averagely powered receivers and amplifiers. It does not matter which type of digital surround you are using (whether vintage or modern), Polk Audio CS10 is designed to bring out its best.

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There are some speakers that are just there to produce normal sound output. Others are designed to take audio output to an entirely new level. There are different types of Center channel speakers out there, but it will be in your best interest to settle for the best. Remember that a high quality speaker does not always have to be large and broad. It all boils down to its general output level and the quality of sound.

So, when you are ready to order one, consider any of the best center channel speakers above and you’ll realize that the difference between them and the rest is sparkling clear.


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