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K-Seal ST5501 Multi Purpose One Step Permanent Coolant Leak RepairFinding yourself a good head gasket sealer is the smart thing to do. In the long run it will save you huge amounts of money and many hours of stress. Head gasket failure could probably top the list as being one of the most irritating situations you come across with your car. If this is what you think is wrong with your car, it is unlikely that you are under warranty and your insurer most probably does not cover mechanical defaults or failure on the vehicle right? The engine of a car is such a complicated piece of machinery that the slightest tamper could leave your car ready for the scrap yard. The cost of repairing a head gasket tallies up into the thousands, making it both cost and time consuming; commodities we all know are most precious to us in this day and age.

What is a Head Gasket?

A head gasket is the mechanical seal found between the engine block and cylinder head/s in an engine. The head gasket’s purpose is to seal these cylinders preventing the leakage of coolant or engine oil into the cylinders. It does this by sealing the gasket (as its name states) and thus ensuring maximum compression.

Have you ever head of the 80/20 rule? In this case we are comparing labor costs (we are referring to the 80 here – your bill of over thousands of dollars is comprised mostly of labor costs yes!) to parts. The part being your head gasket, labor being the hard earned cash you are going to have to hand over to the repair company or mechanic for stripping your engine and replacing the head gasket.

In all fairness, I am sure you are well aware that having to strip an engine does not happen ‘all in a day’s work’, it is time consuming for both you and the person doing it and the person doing it should have the right skillset to dissemble and reassemble your engine without you fearing the worst at an already stressful time.

So in a nutshell, the replacement costs associated with a damaged or blown head gasket is usually cited as being exorbitantly high, however what you are actually spending thousands of dollars on is the labor involved in getting the task done. Can you see the distant memory of your next vacation slipping away here? No fret! It is not all doom and gloom. The latest advances in technology have designed what some hail as a miracle in a bottle – more commonly known as head gasket sealer.

What is Head Gasket Sealer and How Does It Work?

Head gasket sealer is a liquid formulation comprising antifreeze, sodium silicate and various sizes of gasket sealing particles that are reinforced with carbon fiber. The liquid is poured into the radiator cap and flows through the engine’s cooling system until it comes into contact with a gap or crack which then activates the particles, forcing it to harden and seal the area in order to stop the leak.

The use of sealers is simple enough for most DIY mechanics to perform the task themselves, if they are certain that the car problem is a result of damage to the head gasket. In these instances, cars are fixed without the need for any costly mechanical work and you will be back on the road in no time. Depending on the extent of the damage to your head gasket, using a sealer as a permanent or temporary means of fixing your car problems should not be ruled out with all the advances we have in technology today.

Is the idea of you taking that long awaited vacation becoming a reality again?

Our Picks for the Top 5 Head Gaskets of 2017

Looking to find a head gasket sealer to get the job done pronto? We have a list of our top five sealers for you to check out so you can sort your head gasket troubles out and get on with your day to day driving. Where price in this case is neither a pro nor con compared to costs that could run into thousands when considering replacing your head gasket!

#1  K-Seal ST5501 Multi Purpose One Step Permanent Coolant Leak Repair

K-Seal ST5501 Multi Purpose One Step Permanent Coolant Leak Repair

K-Seal ST5501 Multi Purpose One Step Permanent Coolant Leak Repair provides you with a permanent repair to head gasket damage only to the parts where it is needed!

The K-Seal ST5501 Multi Purpose One Step Permanent Coolant Leak Repair have scientifically engineered combination of copper and microfibre particles works by adding the liquid into the engine’s existing coolant without having to drain or flush the engine at any point, a task which in itself is time consuming. The sealant will only repair holes up to 0.0635mm in diameter so there is no chance that you may accidently block other tubes or opening in the engine.

Key Features

  • Mixes with all variants of antifreeze
  • No draining or flushing of the engine required
  • Fixes cracks and leaks
  • No chance of accidentally blocking openings or tubes in the engine


  • Simple shake, pour and go usage
  • No debris flushing required


  • Repairs holes up to 0.0635mm
  • Effective to 20 quarts cooling capacity


#2  Bar’s Leak HG-1 HEAD SEAL Blown Head Gasket Repair

Bar’s Leak HG-1 HEAD SEAL Blown Head Gasket Repair

Bar’s Leak HG-1 Head Seal Blown Head Gasket Repair is a patent pending formulation that repairs blown head gaskets.

The Bar’s Leak HG-1 HEAD SEAL Blown Head Gasket Repair Considered the easiest solution when it comes to halting head gasket leaks. Bar’s Leaks Seal Head Gasket Repair requires no draining of the cooling system and is available in a variety of sizes. This antifreeze compatible sodium silicate formulation works on aluminium, cast iron heads and blocks, permanently stopping leaks. It can be used on all gasoline and diesel engines. Boasting increased performance in high mileage vehicles.

Key Features

  • Over 2 million bottles sold
  • Stops block leakss
  • Repairs blown head gasketsCan be used in gasoline and diesel engine


  • A range of products available in this brand
  • Available in a variety of sizes


  • Repair has no minimum diameter
  • Possibility of more frequent reapplication


#3  BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer

BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer

Safe and easy repair comes in the form of BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer. A pour and go formulation for single cylinder repair.

The BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer is an easy pour and go formulation intended for use on a 4-6 cylinder engine. Suitable for gasoline and diesel engines, this formulation boasts instructions easy enough for those to use who have limited time to fix their head gasket quickly and efficiently. Your car is ready to go back on the road once using this sealer after leaving it to idle for under an hour after its insertion into the radiator cap.

Key Features

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Provides permanent repair to your head gasket problems
  • Solid and matter particles are not harmful to the engine
  • No flush or thermostat removal required


  • Easy pour and go formulation
  • Suitable for gasoline and diesel engines


  • Formulated for smaller engines
  • Need to leave car idle for under an hour after insertion


#4  K&W FiberLock Head Gasket & Block Repair

K&W FiberLock Head Gasket & Block Repair

K&W FiberLock Head Gasket & Block Repair is a military-strength fiber nanotechnology and Cool-X™ conditioning formulation.

The K&W FiberLock Head Gasket & Block Repair is Compatible with all types of antifreeze, this sealer is the ultimate solution for all coolant leaks. This permanent pour and go formulation repairs head gaskets efficiently with its nanotechnology formulation likened to the military. It creates a permanent, multi-layered seal of protection.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all types of antifreezen
  • Military strength formulation
  • Easy pour and go application
  • Creates multi-layered seal of protection


  • Suitable for use with any antifreeze
  • Simple to use


  • Available in one size
  • Repair has no minimum diameter


#5  CRC 401232 Permanent Head Gasket & Block Repair with Nanotechnology

CRC 401232 Permanent Head Gasket & Block Repair with Nanotechnology

CRC 401232 Permanent Head Gasket & Block Repair with Nanotechnology makes stronger bonds by filling cracks and crevices.

CRC 401232 Permanent Head Gasket & Block Repair with Nanotechnology is Trusted for more than 50 years with frequent adaptations to its formulation, CRC has been providing superior quality products to car owners, mechanics and suppliers for over five decades. For use in cars, trucks and buses, the nanotechnology formulation makes strong bonds by filling cracks and leaks, permanently hardening the required surface area.

Key Features

  • Made with a nanotechnology formulation
  • Permanent repair to crack and leaks
  • Trusted by mechanics and suppliers
  • Makes stronger bonds


  • Nanotechnology formulation
  • Permanent repair


  • Repair has no minimum diameter
  • Consult on flushing engine before insertion needs to done


We hope that you are sighing in relief. If you have diagnosed your head gasket problem correctly or even consulted with a mechanic and know for sure that there is nothing else wrong with your car – you can save time and money by purchasing a sealer and fixing the problem until you are able to replace your car or the head gasket but in most cases, add years to the use of your car depending on the extent of the damage.

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