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Driveway SealerTired of taking your car ‘off road’ as you hit your driveway? Perhaps looking to double up and turn your driveway into a fun basketball area for the family? If so, a good driveway sealer is an absolute must! Choosing to pave your driveway not only increases the value of your home, it also makes cleaning a breeze rather than having to mow the lawn or keep dust at bay! We thought we would help you out by reviewing sealers suitable for your driveway in order to provide protection from mold, mildew, water and ultraviolet rays. Here are a few things to consider in order to keep your driveway looking pristine for a lifetime.

Why Do You Need to Use a Driveway Sealer?

Materials used to install a driveway are generally made to withstand heavy traffic. Using a sealer may seem unnecessary at first glance, however, as with all possessions, insufficient maintenance of it and a few years down the line you will find yourself in a position where replacing the driveway is your only option. An exercise that will not only cost you thousands, but also consume valuable time you could be spending on things that interest you.

The best driveway sealers are effective at protecting the surface of your driveway from natural elements, like overexposure to water or ultraviolet rays. The effects of overexposure to these natural elements could result in cracks in your driveway making it useless for its main purpose of installation if it becomes a safety hazard right? Too much water and you could possibly be left with an uneven surface area due to the results of the under surface of your driveway swelling. Not only does this result in an unsightly mess, your driveway is the no longer safe for intended use.

The protection provided by a sealer enables you to make use of your driveway without concerning yourself over the natural wear and tear bound to take place on a surface designed to withstand heavy traffic.

What to Consider before Purchasing Driveway Sealer?

The aspect of safety is critical when deciding to seal your driveway – you want to know that the surface area will be slip resistant and safe for use even when it is wet, if your area is prone is elements like heavy rainfall. This then leads to talking climate – is your area prone to flash floods or extreme heat? Various sealers provide better protection from certain elements – it all depends on your location.

The price of the sealer you choose to purchase is also an important aspect as spending a little more cash on the sealer you purchase makes all the difference. The expected wear of sealers differs which means that at some point reapplication of it is a reality. It all depends on how often you are willing to go through the process of reapplication.

The application process for different brands usually differ in terms of drying time, the number of applications required and how it should be applied. Decide whether you are going to apply the sealer yourself or hire a professional, but make sure you follow the instructions and adhere to the drying times after application in order to achieve the best results after application.

Our Picks for the Top 5 Driveway Sealers of 2017

We have reviewed a selection of driveway sealers for you in order to assist in making your choice easier – making an informed decision when it comes to the sealer you choose is critical in ensuring your driveway can withstand natural wear and tear.

#1  ToughCrete Concrete Sealer

ToughCrete Concrete Sealer

Safe and eco-friendly ToughCrete Concrete Sealer approved by the Department of Transportation.

ToughCrete Concrete Sealer provides long term protection to your driveway by protecting and penetrating the surface of the concrete for up to ten years. In addition to protecting your driveway from the damage caused by water and salt penetration, Its formulation protects driveways from oil and gas stains. This eco-friendly formulation has been deemed safe for use by the Department of Transport.

Key Features

  • Long term protection from water damage and stains
  • Deep penetrating sealer providing protection for up to ten years
  • Provides protection from concrete chipping
  • Easy to clean surface after application


  • Expected wear up to 10 years
  • Eco-friendly


  • Price
  • For best results more than one initial application may be required


#2  Serveon Sealants H2Seal H2100 Stone Sealer


Serveon Sealants H2Seal H2100 Stone Sealer

Fast drying, professional grade sealer comes in the form of Serveon Sealants H2Seal H2100 Stone Sealer.

Serveon Sealants H2Seal H2100 Stone Sealer is a fast drying, low odor formulation that is ready to take on foot traffic only an hour after application. This sealer retains the natural look of your driveway and is safe for use on interior and exterior surfaces. It protects your driveway from mold, mildew, fungi and algae in addition to its water propelling properties. This sealer boasts more coverage per square meter in comparison to its competitor products.

Key Features

  • Ready for foot traffic one hour after application
  • Easy application eliminates the need to hire a professional
  • More coverage per square meter compared to other sealers
  • Low odor formulation


  • Fast drying
  • Price


  • Reapplication required every 3-5 years
  • Formulation halts the growth of grasses in comes into contact with


#3  DuPont Premium High Gloss Color Enriching Sealer

DuPont Premium High Gloss Color Enriching Sealer

DuPont Premium High Gloss Color Enriching Sealer provides a 3-in-1 solution – sealer, enhancer and protector!

This weather resistant, DuPont Premium High Gloss Color Enriching sealer provides protection to exterior surfaces for up to three years. Its formulation locks joint sand in place and is clear drying so will not leave your driveway looking dull over time. DuPont Premium High Gloss Color Enriching Sealer leaves your driveway surface slipfree with a glossy finish as its name states. This durable, scuff-resistant formulation can be used on a variety of surfaces providing protection against water and oil-based stains.

Key Features

  • 3-in-1 formulation sealer, enhances and protects your driveway
  • Water resistant exterior sealant
  • Covers up to 300 square feet per gallon
  • Clear drying appearance after application


  • Non-slip formulation
  • Price


  • Leaves driveway glossy
  • Reapplication required after 3 years


#4  Black Diamond Stoneworks

Black Diamond Stoneworks

Protection in a bottle comes in the form of Black Diamond Stoneworks Sealer suitable for use on interior and exterior surfaces.

A wet look driveway sealer that protects your driveway from water, ultraviolet rays, chemicals and natural wear due to heavy traffic. Black Diamond Stoneworks sealer is known for its use on providing protection to a multitude of surfaces maintaining the pristine look and feel for years after installation. This sealer makes cleaning a breeze and its multiple application methods makes it easy enough for DIY application.

Key Features

  • Application can be done by means of a brush, roller or spray bottles
  • Easy to maintain water-based sealer
  • Low odorous formulation
  • For use on interior and exterior surface


  • Price
  • VOC compliant


  • Potentially darken appearance depending on surface
  • Pungent odor


#5  Dap 18370 Self-Leveling Concrete 3.0 Sealant

Dap 18370 Self-Leveling Concrete 3.0 Sealant

Dap 18370 Self-Leveling Concrete 3.0 Sealant is known for its 100% waterproof protection on application to your driveway!

Dap 18370 Self-Leveling Concrete 3.0 Sealant protects your driveway when exposed to water and moisture with its specially formulated ‘kwik-dry’ technology. After a three hour drying period, your driveway is able to withstand heavy foot and car traffic without the fear of it being damaged. This sealer is self-leveling therefore the use of heavy machinery after application is not deemed necessary.. This sealer is perfect for protecting your driveway from the elements in addition to acting as a filler if your driveway has been damaged by wear and tear in the past.

Key Features

  • No tools required to level this sealer as it is self-leveling
  • Ideal for filling and sealing horizontal surfaces of a driveway
  • Able to withstand heavy car traffic after curing
  • Resistant to mold and mildew


  • Price
  • 100% waterproof


  • Application process can be time consuming
  • 3 hour drying time required after application


Choosing the correct sealer will extend the life of your driveway in order for you to benefit from its use for a lifetime rather than having to go through the costly and time consuming process of replacing unsightly looking surfaces. The application of a sealer is not difficult and in most cases can be done and ready for use within a day or two. Before making your purchase make sure you look out for the possible end results of application, like non-yellowing, waterproofing, dust proofing, breathability and resistance to oil, grease and acids. Sealing your concrete driveway not only enhances the performance of your driveway, the visually appealing end result ensures that you retain its value.

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