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Best Deck SealerAre you looking to beautify your residence by creating an attractive entertainment area with a deck? We have reviewed the best deck sealers to assist you in making the important decision regarding which brand to select when getting your entertainment area party ready.

The advances in sealants makes maintenance simple and cost-effective with certain brands bragging a lifetime of protection. Be sure to keep VOC regulations in mind when purchasing your sealer as various state regulations have been implemented to reduce the effect that VOC’s have on the environment.

What is all this Talk about VOC?

VOC, short for Volatile Organic Compounds, is the amount of allowed solvent found in a product. This essentially has an effect on the amount of solvent evaporated into the ozone layer resulting in nasty things like air pollution. Many states have adopted new VOC architectural coating regulations, keep in mind your state’s regulations before making a purchase.

Why Do You Need to Use a Deck Sealer?

Decks are usually made with natural wood that is exposed to a variety of elements that arise in the wear and tear of the surface. Sealers provide protection to the wood and mitigate elements from destroying the wood to the point where it needs to be removed and replaced. Factors like ultraviolet rays, mold, mildew, fungi, water, abrasiona and water are elements that sealers protect your deck from.

What to Consider before Purchasing Deck Sealer

Always follow the instructions on the product you choose to purchase. The last thing you want is spend a large amount of money redecorating an area at home or the office and spoiling the aesthetics of your newly built deck as a result of non-maintenance.

Deck sealers are classified into two categories.Oil-based sealers that work by penetrating or coating the deck. These provide protection by forming a protective coat along the surface of the deck. Penetrating sealers are absorbed by a layer just below the surface of the wood ensuring that elements (as mentioned above) are unable to cause irrevocable damage to the deck. Water-based sealers provide protection to a deck by coating the surface of the deck with a protective layer. These sealants are generally easier to clean, however require more frequent application to provide efficient protection over the deck’s lifespan. Water-based sealants, compared to oil-based sealers are considered more eco-friendly as their VOC levels are lower.

Application of your sealer (whether you are doing this yourself or hiring someone to assist, is the most important thing to consider before tackling the task. Ensure that you have the correct tools on hand to make the process as pain free as possible. You would hate to realise you need a brush in the middle of the application process right?! Also, be sure to follow the aftercare instructions in order for the application process to take effect and create lasting results to your decking.

Ever heard the saying ‘you get what you pay for’? This saying proves true when it comes to selecting a deck sealer. A good quality sealer may cost a little more, however the protection provided by these sealers are guaranteed to keep your decking looking as good as new. In this case quality surpasses quantity.

Top 5 deck sealers reviewed

Protecting your deck from the elements it could potentially be exposed to is vital in ensuring that you keep it looking beautiful for a lifetime. We have our top pick listed below for you to check out!

Tall Earth Eco-Safe Wood Treatment – Stain & Preservative

ECO-SAFE Wood Treatment

Tall Earth’s environmentally friendly deck sealer provides protective benefits after one easy application!

Tall Earth’s VOC free deck sealer is environmentally friendly and safe for use around children and animals. This deck sealer does not require any special preparation when being applied to bare wood. Leaving a silver or brown finish, depending on the type of wood the deck is made from, it can be applied to your deck with a brush, sponge, spray bottle or by dipping the wood into the eco-safe water mixture.

Key Features:

  • Can be applied to interior and exterior surfaces providing protection from moss, mold, rotting and fungi
  • Safe for use around children and pets
  • One time application with no pungent fumes
  • Quick drying formulation after application


  • VOC free, non-toxic environmentally friendly mixture
  • Safe for interior and exterior use


  • Price
  • Changes the appearance of deck

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Ready Seal Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer

Ready Seal 510

Ready Seal’s professional exterior sealant provides quality coating and is available in a range of colors with an easy application formulation.

This oil-based, semi-transparent deep sealer – “Ready Seal” – protects decking from damaging ultraviolet rays, water, mold and mildew elements. The natural beauty of a wooden deck in enhanced by the staining properties of this sealer keeping the grain and texture visible to the naked eye. Application can be done by means of a brush, roller or spraying it onto selected surface allowing for easy application and minimal maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Can be applied in any temperature range
  • No primer required before application
  • Stain and sealer in one
  • No back brushing or wet-line application required


  • Available in a range of colors
  • Various application methods


  • Price
  • Exterior use only

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Thompsons WaterSeal Advanced Maximum Strength One-Coat Waterproofer

Thompsons Water Seal A11701

Thompsons WaterSeal Advanced Maximum Strength One-Coat Waterproofer is a cost effective, easy application option for sealing.

Thompsons’ WaterSeal Advanced Maximum Strength One-Coat Waterproofer provides maximum protection. Resistance to mildew and ultraviolet rays maintaining the natural color of the deck are results of using this brand. Its patented formula allows for same day application and cleaning, as well as immediate application to new pressure-treated wood. This multi-surface sealer allows wood to gray naturally (Thompson’s also comes in a transparent seal formulation providing protection from water elements).

Key Features:

  • Protection against water damage
  • Maintains the natural color of the wood
  • Patented clean and treat in one day formula
  • Specially formulated for the treatment of wood


  • Price
  • Provides protection from UV and mildew elements


  • Does not inhibit wood graying
  • Pungent odor

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DeckWise Ipe Seal Hardwood End Grain Sealant

DeckWise Ipe Seal

Non-hazardous wax emulsifying formulation of DeckWise Ipe Seal Hardwood End Grain Sealant protects the structural integrity of decks.

DeckWise Ipe Seal Hardwood End Grain Sealant allows for easy application with exceptional results. Providing protection from water, mold, mildew and ultraviolet rays as it creates bonds with each deck board, this sealers effectiveness is enhanced with immediate application to sawn surfaces. It is recommended that one tests a hidden area before completing the application process with this sealer to ensure satisfaction with the end result depending on the wood surface it is being applied to.

Key Features:

  • One quart covers approximately 500 square feet of decking
  • Extends the life of each deck board
  • Wax emulsion increasing decking structural integrity
  • Prevents splitting


  • Price
  • Easy application


  • Recommended application within 24 hours of cutting wood
  • May cause color shading

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CoverSeal AC30 Gloss Wood Sealer

CoverSeal AC30

CoverSeal AC30 Gloss Wood Sealer is a durable, fast-setting formulation leaving your deck with a clear gloss finish.

This VOC compliant, water based high gloss sealer – “CoverSeal AC30 Gloss Wood Sealer” – is ultraviolet and abrasion resistant, making surfaces easier to clean. For use on a variety of surfaces including decking, this sealers low odor, breathable formulation makes for easy application to your desired surface. The finished surface also provides protection from stains and water, making it perfect for use externally where it protection from elements is guaranteed.

Key Features:

  • Provides UV protection and abrasion resistance
  • Oil and grease repellant
  • Expected cover of 400-800 square feet per gallon per coat (depending on surface texture).
    Multiple surface area use


  • Fast drying
  • Low odor


  • Price
  • Changes the appearance of finished surface

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When deciding to seal or reseal your deck, always take into consideration the elements that your surface area is most prone to being exposed to in order to make an informed decision. Decking or wood surfaces inside the home are at less risk to factors like ultraviolet damage depending on the placement in your home. Taking spills, traffic and heat exposure into consideration will enable you to purchase the sealer suitable for your deck with confidence. The top five pick listed above takes all these factors into consideration to assist you in making an informed decision.

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