Best Well Pressure Tank Reviews (Amtrol, Flotec, Water Worker)

Well Pressure Tanks store water from your well and reduce wear on your pump by avoiding the necessity of your pump switching on and off constantly as people in your house use sinks, showers etc. Also well pressure tanks help to keep the water pressure constant in between operations of your pump. If you don’t have a good well pressure tank and you are having a shower, you may well feel the temperature of the water suddenly increase and burn you if someone flushes the toilet! This is due to the water pressure of the cold water supply dropping when someone else uses cold water.

The larger your tank, the better, in terms of minimizing on-off cycling of your pump. A larger tank also will cut your electricity bill, as there is a current surge each time the pump is turned on and reaches operating speed. A good quality well pressure tank can give you good service for 30 years or more.

In this article you will find out the pros and cons of the three most popular well pressure tanks on By buying at Amazon, you get a low price with Amazon’s great standards of customer service and reliablity.

1. Amtrol Well-X-Trol Stand Tank

Amtrol Well-X-Trol Stand TankGreat Quality

Amtrol are one of the best known makers of well tanks and 30 year-old Amtrol tanks are still in service throughout the nation. Amtrol tanks have a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty. With a storage capacity of 32 gallons, this Amtrol Well X-trol stand tank has received rave reviews from Amazon customers. “Easy installation and has performed as expected” is a typical comment that an Amtrol tank owner made. There is a unique positive hoop ring seal which is built-in to secure the diaphragm which increases the strength and reliability of this already well-made tank.  The good quality diaphragm in this tank will help keep constant pressure in your water system.


Its high quality steel made shell gives it strength and prevents any sort of physical damage. It is easy to install and the steel threading at the bottom side makes its fitting more convenient. You don’t need to have a new plumbing even if you are replacing your old tank with this one.


The body of this well pressure tank is tremendously robust. It has got a volume enough to store 32 gallons. With 46 and half inches height, this pressure tank can easily be installed. From the physical appearance to the technical point of view, this pressure tank has been rated with overwhelming 4.7 out of 5 stars by customers who bought it.

Amtrol Well-X-Trol tanks are also available in the following sizes:

If you buy this Amtrol tank, I’m sure you will not regret it–they are well regarded by professional plumbers.

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There is also a version of this tank with a composite base, especially designed for domestic use, since it saves space.

2. Flotec Pre-Charged Water Tank

Flotec Pre-Charged Water TankDiaphragm tank, saving space

An alternative name for a well pressure tank is pre-charged tank. Unlike the Amtrol tank that has a diaphragm to keep the water under constant pressure, Flotec tanks have a bladder. This tank has a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty compared with 7 years for Amtrol. This is how Flotec describe how their tanks work:

“A pre-charged bladder style tank has a bladder inside of it that is made of vinyl. The bladder is surrounded by pressurized air. Your well pump will push water into the bladder under pressure. When the pump shuts off, the water is held inside the tank by a one-way check valve in the piping system. When someone opens up a faucet, shower, etc. the air pressure inside the tank will squeeze on the bladder and force the water out.”

This tank also received very good reviews from those who have purchased it. Quality material has been used in making this tank. Because this is a bladder tank and the water is inside the bladder, water will never reach the metal ensuring that it remains rust free. Although this tank is a 19 gallon tank, Flotec claim it has a performance equivalent to a 44 gallon diaphragm tank. This tank will take up less physical space than a diaphragm tank, so if space is at a premium, I recommend this tank.

Easy installation

The installation of this water tank is easy and customers report that it takes about 30 minutes. Once it’s installed, it is ready to perform the function and there is no need to have new plumbing done. This means that this tank is a good replacement for your old tank. This tank has 35 gallons storage capacity.

Ideal water tank

Ordering such an expensive item online is always a risk, but the chances of problems are extremely low when ordering it from the stores like Amazon. Customers report that this water tank, if ordered will be delivered on time, will easily be installed and start the functioning within a short span of time making no fuss at all. This is certainly the reason why people are totally satisfied and recommend this item to others as well through their comments on Amazon.

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3. Water Worker Vertical Pressure Well Tank

WaterWorker Vertical Pressure Well TankLow price from a quality manufacturer; Available in a range of sizes

This diaphragm water tank has been designed and created according to the standards of National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). “Water Worker” is a lower end brand manufactured by Amtrol. So you should get the same long term reliability as Amtrol, but at a lower price. It is made using a material that will never crack or peel and has a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. It is available in a number of sizes:

In most domestic settings a size between 26 and 62 gallons will be suitable. Customers have given it the excellent rating of 4.5 stars.

Long lasting item

Apart from the manufacturers warranty, this Water Worker water tank has a capability to go for many years.


The delivery of the item is as quick as one could expect and rates of this item are competitive. These are the collective reasons why the consumers are happy with this water tank. A nice feature is that this tank has a buffer of water in case of power loss. It has brilliant functionality and a strong body. It does not require new plumbing to start working.

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Water Worker Pressure Well Tanks

Type of well pressure tankCapacityPrice
Vertical Pressure Well Tank14 gallons$
Vertical Pressure Well Tank20 gallons
Vertical Pressure Well Tank26 gallons
Vertical Pressure Well Tank44 gallons
Vertical Pressure Well Tank62 gallons
Vertical Pressure Well Tank86 gallons
Vertical Pressure Well Tank119 gallons

Horizontal Pressure Well Tank6 gallons
Horizontal Pressure Well Tank14 gallons
Horizontal Pressure Well Tank20 gallons


These three water storage tanks are at the top of the bestselling items on amazon. All three of them are extremely reliable and highly regarded tanks. I’d rate Amtrol’s tank as top for quality–it is the safe choice for years of trouble free operation. You can tell that Amtrol are confident about their quality, as they guarantee their tanks for 7 years, versus 5 years for the other brands. The Flotec Pre-charged water tank’s strength is its compact size. If space is at a premium, I’d go for the Flotec. The Water Worker Vertical Pressure Well Tank is best for you if cost is a major factor–probably its quality isn’t quite as good as the Amtrol, but it is still a good tank.

Cycle Stop Valves

An alternative to having a large well pressure tank is to use a cycle stop valve. For example, a cycle stop value set at 50psi would keep the pressure constant 50 while water is being used. These calves are really excellent, because they maintain a constant water pressure whether you are using water in the shower or elsewhere. For example, when you flush a toilet, it will avoid a sudden pressure change. If you install a CSV, you only need a small 4.5 gallon well pressure tank, because the CSV will cause the water to go past the pressure tank to your house and thus a large tank will be unnecessary. A cycle stop valve will also extend the operating life of your pump because it will allow the pump to operate constantly while water is being constantly used, for example when you have a shower. Thus a CSV will eliminate pump cycling. Click here to check the latest price of cycle stop valves on Amazon now! is the most popular cycle stop valve.

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