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The invention of solar panels to convert solar/light energy into electrical energy is a wonderful development. This is not only a cost-free approach to get electricity but is also helpful in other ways. Due to the advanced technology and scores of features and apps in mobile phones, the battery goes down quickly. Solar cellphone chargers are made to resolve this problem that now they can charge their mobile phones even while traveling, on camping, shipping and anywhere else where electricity is not available. Below are the reviews of the best solar cellphone chargers for 2015 that are available on Amazon right now:

1. Portable Solar Charger- 5W BLKBOX Portable Folding Solar Kit

Portable Solar Charger- 5W BLKBOXIntroductory verses

Let’s discuss this one of the top rated and the most in demand solar chargers available in stock to time on amazon. Portable Solar Charger – 5W BLKBOX Portable Folding Solar Kit is your one time solution for low battery at times when you have no other source to get electricity. This solar charger uses the sunlight to charge your phone, tab and other gadgets simultaneously.

It is useful for

Imagine you are outside, in some remote area where there is no sign of other people’s existence, you have forgotten the way back and the only way to contact somebody to call and ask for help is mobile phone. But at the moment of dialing, the battery goes down and mobile turns off. Now you feel the seriousness of the trouble you are in. This solar cellphone charger is basically invented to take you out from such awkward moment. All you need is the sunlight and your phone’s battery is charged.

Outstanding features and overwhelming feedback from users

This solar charger has managed to achieve the highest rank in the hearts of its users. People are totally satisfied with its performance and rate it with 4.3 stars out of 5 (average rating). It’s been found workable to charge cell-phones (iphone, android phones), cameras and tablets. An easy to carry device with the light weight (9.6 ounces) it should always be in your bag or pocket if you are to visit where a slight chance of mishap is suspected.

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2. Levin Solpad Travel Solar Charging Kit

Levin Solpad Travel Solar Charging KitForewords

Highly efficient solar charger possessing the capacity to fully recharge 3000mAh battery within 5 hours using the sunlight. What makes Levin Solpad Travel Solar Charging Kit unique and out of the box is its water proof technology. Now if you are outside having this solar charger kit and heavy rainfall starts all of a sudden, you don’t need to worry that water will cause a damage to this kit.

Features that make difference

It consumes only sunlight to generate the charging ions. Monocrystalline silicon is used in the kit that ensures the rapid conversion of light energy into the electric one. The good news for users is that this device is assured to be anti-explosive. So safety is not the issue as such. The output given by this solar kit is of 1.0a due to which the speed of charging batteries hasty. This device is light in weight and compact in size so that easy to mobilize anywhere you go.

Remarks from users

They say it’s the best ever magical item they could ever have in that sort of awkward moment when you need mobile phone the most and battery goes down and you are somewhere where there is no power socket to charge the phone. Due to its reliability, users have given immensely positive response with 5 out of 5 stars which is ultimately an irresistible feedback.

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3. Anker 14W Dual-Port Solar Charger

Anker 14W Dual-Port Solar Charger with PowerIQ TechnologyOverview

Anker 14W Dual-Port Solar Charger is one of the best solar cellphone chargers available in stock on amazon. Power-IQ Technology makes its efficiency more durable and worth commendable due to which a huge number of people have ordered this charger and reviewed it with great feedback. It uses only sunlight and charges your cellphone within a couple of hours.

Dazzling power supply

This is 14watt mono crystalline dual-port solar charger with eventual Power-IQ Technology. The polyester canvas of this kit and Pet panels make sure that weather doesn’t cause any harm to it. It charges devices that may include tablets, smartphones and cameras with the rapid speed using only the light from sun.

What more you get?

Along with this kit, you receive 18-months straight warranty which is the biggest reason of fan’s love for this item. Then the next thing is the easy user guide in which the step by step guide is given to use this solar charger. The last but not the least is the customer friendly service is available all the time for the honorable clients.


This solar charging kit weigh a total of 1.5 pounds (shipping weight might be different). The size is 11×6.9×1 inches.

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Smartphones and tablets have become viral in today’s time. People have become addicted to these gadgets and don’t bear a moment of being distant from their phones. It happens at times that battery gets ended and phone turns off and there is no place you could see toward for recharging the battery of your phone. Solar chargers are ultimate and timely solution of that kind of awkward moment may it be during travelling, camping or whatsoever. Solar charger kit can become the timely solution to this problem. It takes energy from sunlight and converts it to the energy that charges your phone. They are usually light in weight and compact in size so that you may take it with you whenever you go out.

Above are some of the most rated and liked solar cellphone charger’s specifications that are available on amazon. You can order any of them now and enjoy the exclusive results in the next couple of years.


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