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Manual pool cleaners are now a thing of the past. Why waste your time scrubbing at the bottom of your pool when a robot could do it for you automatically? The robotic pool cleaner has become a must have item for pool owners and therefore it is important that you know which is the best robotic pool cleaner for you.

The Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Pool Cleaner represents the world’s 1st and foremost selling robotic pool cleaner. After 25 years of scouring pools clean, it yet heads the industry with its innovative electronics, strong construction, dominant cleaning execution, and unparalleled service record. This pool cleaner is the best seller in the industry and many people consider it to be the best robotic pool cleaner.


The Dolphin pool cleaner scrubs up and vacuums the pool floor and walls while micro filtering the pool water. It’s like adding another filter to your pool! The Dolphin’s recyclable filter bag is configured with the optimal porosity to capture the most minuscule debris, yet with no clogging. It works with its own pump and filter system which prevents wear and tear to your pool pump and filter induced by water-powered cleaners.

Eco-friendly and simple to use

The Dolphin Pool Cleaner saves you up to 50% on electricity and back washing costs and up to 30% on chemical costs! The Dolphin’s water cooled motors are guaranteed for 24 months. Its added 50 ft. self-floating cord is connected to a weatherproof 24 volt transformer which is ETL listed for outside use. No installation is needed – just plug it in. It even has a inbuilt 6 hour auto shutoff and innovative, self-diagnostic software. This robotic pool cleaner is suggested for pools sized 20′ x 40


The Dolphin Pool Cleaner is a tried and tested pool cleaner that is used by many people the world over. Dolphin has gained a great reputation for reliability and have thus dominated the pool cleaning market for many years. If you are looking for a mid-range robotic pool cleaner which is great value for money look no further.

This totally automatic robotic cleaner has its own drive motor and filtration system. All you need to do is plug it in and once you put it in the pool it will start operating. The Aquabot is pre-programmed to clean ALL of your pool spotlessly clean. Works on all in-ground, above-ground pools: round, oval or rectangle.


Since the Aquabot has its own filtration system, it will get rid of algae and bacteria as well as leaves, debris and sand. A totally safe 24-volt motor that is unbelievably fast, but costs pennies a day to run.


The lightweight, Aquabot, is a fully-independent robot, that works for just a few cents a day, drastically reducing electricity, chemical and pool maintenance costs. It’s long-wearing and constructed to last with only a fraction of the number of parts all other robotic cleaners demand, and is literally Maintenance-Free.


Extra-wide non-marring wheels roll over footmarks or liner creases to clean every inch of your pool. Its patented venturi system pressure-washes the most difficult dirt from your pool. The unit’s filtration system not only administers heat and chemicals, but it also shortens the total time your existent filter has to work.


The aquabot pool cleaner is your only option for above ground pools. Its 40 foot floating hose makes setting up easy, just plug it in then drop it in the pool. Job done. The aquabot pool cleaner is capable of cleaning any shape of pool thoroughly in less than 1 hour, making it one of the fastest pool cleaners out there. If you have an above ground pool, a round pool, or want the job done quick, this is the best robotic pool cleaner for you.

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Hayward TigerShark QCRC999oGR


There are so many options for pool cleans out there, but if you are looking for the very best in robotic pool cleaners, look not further. Hayward pool cleaners are ready to take on the unpleasant task of cleaning up your pool – so you can enjoy your pool more than just cleaning it.


Hayward believes that every pool needs cleaning, not just for aesthetic purposes or for sanitation, but to protect a prime investment in your backyard. Hayward has streamlined the technologies used by pool cleaning services as they continuously develop better cleaning technologies for your pool. Hayward pool cleaners take less then 4 hours to thoroughly clean a pool, which is slightly longer than the fastest cleaners out there, however it is by far the most thorough.

Recognized as the best

Hayward Automatic Pool Cleaners have devised their pool cleaners to clean more efficiently, more effectively and with relatively little effort. Hayward pool cleaners are very well recognized for their superb cleaning performance and for their ability to maximize cleaning efficiency.

Great customer care

Hayward pool cleaners do not just boast its products, but are also focused on the homeowners as they provide interaction with cleaners, and provide simpler installation and maintenance guidelines for the safer use of the homeowner. Proper training is also offered to the homeowner.


If you have a large pool or a pool which gets particularly dirty, this is the best robotic pool cleaner for you. It is a high end product in the pool cleaner market and performs to that effect. Hayward will provide you will excellent customer service and clear instructions on installation. Although this product may be expensive, you will easily get your money’s worth.

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