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Many people spend a lot of money renovating their kitchens. They opt for sleek-looking countertops, and matching cabinets, just to give the room a luxurious feel.

But, there’s something quite a few people forget to include in their new kitchen, something which leaves it incomplete – under cabinet lighting. Since under cabinet lighting is not easily accessible, these particular lights need to be reliable and long lasting. LEDs last much longer than any other type of light source and they are very efficient too. In addition, LEDs are small in size, so these lighting kits are very slim and can be installed inconspicuously under your cabinet.

The best under cabinet LED lighting kit will make your kitchen more stylish, but, finding the best product for your money isn’t always easy.  To help make your search for the best under cabinet led lighting kit easy, we’ve included reviews of three of the best currently for sale on Amazon.

1. Kitchen Under Cabinet Professional LED Strip Tape Lighting Kit

Kitchen Under Cabinet Professional Lighting Kit Completely flexible

This particular lighting kit will provide you with energy-efficient lighting for your kitchen, without you needing to spend a fortune. For your money, you’ll get a lighting kit that is not only easy to install, but powerful too. The 6x brightness feature (illuminating 600 lumens per foot) will light up your kitchen whenever you need it to. You may think that equates to energy insufficiency, but it doesn’t. Use your lights for 8 hours each day and you’ll still get a whopping 17 years’ worth of use out of them before they need to be replaced.

Best of all the Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting Strip is completely flexible. This product comes as a 16 foot long LED lighting strip, cuttable every 2 inches. Install your lights as you’d like them. The choice really is yours.

You can install your Kitchen Under Cabinet Professional Lighting kit fairly easily. You won’t need to call in a professional, and you won’t have to spend hours fiddling around with small parts. If you have a suitable under counter surface, you can simply use 3M adhesive. If your under counter surface isn’t ideal for lights, staples or a little extra glue will do the job.

Dimmable and long lasting

Sometimes you don’t want high-brightness lights in your kitchen. With these cabinet lights, you can dim them according to your needs. These led cabinet lights are dimmable to 20% of their maximum brightness. They are long lasting and have a life time of 50,000 hours.

Sleek and very slim design

For under cabinet lights, the design and dimensions matter a lot. These lights are sleek in design and have a reasonable size. As far as the proper dimensions go then they are no more than 4 inches long and 1/16 inches thin. They can be fixed easily in any type of kitchen cabinets no matter if they are broad or narrow.

This particular lighting kit is one of the most flexible on the market. In other words, by purchasing it, you’ll be getting a kit that allows you to cover every area of your kitchen with white light, should you want to. The equipment that comes with this kit, such as the specially-designed couplings, allows you to enjoy unrivaled lighting at an unbeatable price.

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2. Pro Series 21 LED Super Deluxe 10 panel Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

Pro Series 21 LED Super Deluxe 10 panel Under Cabinet Lighting KitBrightness

The Pro Series lighting kit costs a little more than the other products on this list, but for your money you get a whole host of useful features. This low profile lighting system not only looks fantastic, but also functions extremely well too. The warm white light emitted by the Pro Series kit will make your kitchen glow and create a welcoming ambience. The light given out by this kit is not only bright, but blue-hue free. This just helps a room look warmer. As these lights are low on energy consumption, you’ll be able to keep them on regularly without the fear you’re running up your energy bills. The beige finish of the product also ensures it will match virtually every under counter surface out there.


Dimmer switches

Two exclusive dimmer switches have been given in Pro series 21 LED super deluxe 10 panel under cabinet lighting kit. Now you have an ultimate option to set the brightness of the light according to your needs. If you are cooking, you obviously need brighter light but for the moments like late night coffee or tea preparation, your want low brightness. This is one of the smartest features that these kitchen cabinet lights have.

Easily installable:

Installing this kit is easy, and requires no tools whatsoever. Adhesive pads mean your kit will simply just stick on to your surface if it happens to be of a high quality. If not, not to worry. The kit comes with screws for hardware mounting. You can get the Pro Series kit set up in minutes. It’s been designed in a way that makes it incredibly easy to install, even if you do have to opt for screws.

This deluxe kit is without a doubt one of the best on the market, and it’s easy to see why. Everything about it has been made with function and convenience in mind.

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3. Lightkiwi T1228 12 Inch Warm White Modular LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Lightkiwi T1228 12 Inch Warm White Modular LED Under Cabinet LightingWhy this particular product?

The Lightkiwi T1228 is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and even closets. This particular product is not only easy to install, but seriously energy efficient too. It’ll be 10 years before you have to worry about replacing your Lightkiwi kit, even if you use your lights regularly. You could be forgiven for thinking the long-lasting nature of the Lightkiwi means you’re getting an inferior product, one not as powerful as other kits on the market. This isn’t true. The system will light up your kitchen with a warm white light, free from blue hue.

Lightkiwi LED under cabinet lighting consists of 3 panels. Each panel is 0.2 inches thin and is light in weight due to which it is easily installable. Because of its sleek design and light weight, this light kit can be fixed anywhere.

Easy installation

You don’t have to be a professional kitchen fitter to install your Lightkiwi Under Cabinet lighting system. You can fit these lights to anywhere in your kitchen using simple adhesive tape or the screws provided. You’ll receive six metal mounting clips along with your kit to make installation easier, and should be able to have the job finished within 10 minutes.


Other benefits

Features such as the dimmer switch make this particular product a great one to have in your kitchen. Choose the amount of light you want your kit to emit by playing around with the inline switch. These high efficiency lights will be able to go both ways. You’ll be able to fill your kitchen with a bright, blue-hue-free light, or with a subtle ambient light.


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In conclusion….

Lighting can make a huge difference when it comes to your kitchen. Not only can it make it look more stylish, but it can also make it easier to use, especially in the evenings and at night.

When opting for a lighting kit to add a new dimension to your kitchen, take a look at the three mentioned above before looking elsewhere. Each of the models above can be purchased online at, and each comes made to an extremely high standard, yet sells for a competitive price.


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