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Lugging a heavy vacuum cleaner up and down stairs in order to vacuum the stairs is hard work. The solution that works best for you could be a cordless vacuum or a light and compact corded cleaner that has a long cord length. Corded models are more powerful, but having a cord hanging on the stairs while cleaning could lead to a nasty accident while you are cleaning. On the other hand, especially if you have pets that shed hair on the stairs, you need a powerful vacuum and until recently, cordless vacuums just have not been powerful enough. Below we’ll look into whether the latest cordless models have the power needed to do a good cleaning job. We’ll also look at a lightweight corded vacuum that seems a good candidate for cleaning stairs too.


Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum


This is a bright yellow canister vacuum with a 20-foot cord. It is relatively light, weighing 10 pounds which makes it easy to carry up and down the stairs. Having a 12amp motor it is much more powerful than any cordless vacuum could be. Reviews on Amazon are pretty unanimous that this cleaner will clean hardwood floors very well, but it will have a harder time cleaning carpeted floors. The fact is we were unable to find a lightweight corded vacuum that would clean carpets well.  Click here to check the price, customer reviews and details of this vacuum.


Dyson DC34 Handheld


This futuristic looking cordless vacuum is powered by Dyson digital motor which is claimed by the maker to be up to 3 times faster than conventional motors, creating more suction power. It weighs just under 3 lb. Amazon reviewers indicate that this vacuum can run for 6 minutes per charge and power does not fade towards the end. This should be long enough to clean your stairs, but you need to be reasonably quick. It charges in 3 hours. Dyson have good customer friendly service if anything goes wrong and this vacuum has a 2 year warranty. Click here to see the price, customer reviews and details of this vacuum


Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX Cordless Pet Handheld Vacuum, BH50030


This Hoover vacuum has a pivoted nozzle which makes it more convenient to use than the Dyson and unlike most cordless vacuums, it has a proper motorized brush like corded vacuums have. This helps it clean carpets more effectively. It weights 3.35lbs. Reviewers say that this vacuum can run for 10-20 minutes on one battery charge, although the power may fade a bit at the end. In order to charge the battery, you need to remove it from the vacuum and it takes 3 hours to recharge. The name of this vacuum contains the word “pet”, but if you have large pets that shed a lot of hairs, the small receptacle on this vacuum for collecting dust will fill up fast. This vacuum has a 2 year warranty, but some customers did not like Hoover’s customer service much. Click here to see the price, customer reviews and details of this vacuum


So which is the best vacuum for stairs in 2015? The Dyson cordless vacuum is up to the job of cleaning stairs that are not carpeted, but might have more difficulty with carpeted stairs. However, we think the Hoover cordless model is better based on its longer battery life and motorized brush that allows it to clean carpets well. The only drawbacks with the Hoover compared with the Dyson are less good customer service, the necessity of removing the battery in order to charge it and the fact it weighs just a little more.

Another, cheaper option is the corded Eureka vacuum. This is significantly heavier, though (10lbs instead of around 3lb) and the cord will make cleaning stairs more inconvenient. The Eureka is not so good at cleaning carpets, but it is much more powerful than the cordless models. Please leave a comment below telling us your thoughts!

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