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Technological advancements have really impacted the way things are done in the kitchen. Thanks to today’s compact and easy to clean best gas cooktops, there is now more flexibility in cooking. These cooktops have a wide range of features to meet varying needs for home cooked foods. But with these features comes a wide array of options, which makes it quite difficult to select the right unit for your particular needs.

With so many options available in the market, it may be confusing to select the ideal one. But do not worry; we have made the job easier for you. Based on their features, efficiency, and user ratings, below we have reviewed the best 3 gas cooktops in 2015 that guarantee cooking efficiency at all times.

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GE CGP350SETSS Cafe 30″ Stainless Steel Cooktop

There are many people looking for a very compact gas cooktop that is as flexible enough to cook different types of foods such as delicate and hard foods. Well, if you are one of those people your wish has just been granted. GE 30-inch sealed cooktop is the compact version of the GE 36-inch model. In fact, some Amazon customers are already saying it’s the best cooktop they have ever used. Of course there are very good reasons to back their claims. One of such reasons is the customized oven compatibility, which is usually absent in most other cooktops.


What are other special features of this cooktop?

  • It is designed with stainless steel enamel grates
  • It has a dishwasher safe for efficient cleaning
  • Features Pilotless lightning for efficiency and safety
  • Boils-overs for easy cleaning
  • Attached sealed burners for preventing spills
  • Accusimmer burner for accurate control of the temperature

GE 30” cooktop has four burners with different capacities. This means that you can set the cooktop in accordance with the cooking level you want for a particular meal. On the right side of the unit, there is the lock knob for easy access. The sealed burners and the dishwasher safe knob are great features you can’t find in most other types of cooktops. Another feature that makes it a great product is the “AccuSimmer” burner and the pilotless lightning system for delicate foods that need slow cooking. Apart from its efficiency, the unit is especially designed for modern day kitchen with its enamel steel grate that enhances the beauty of the gas stove.

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GE Cafe Series 36″ Cooktop

Usually, gas cooktops emit an average of 9,000 BTUs. But the GE 36-inch series produce an amazing 20,000 BTUs from its highly efficient tri-ring burner. This seriously outclasses most other gas cooktops in its category, as it allows for gentle simmering and accelerates boiling from its sealed burners.


Sealed burners

Sealed burners play a vital role by preventing food from leaking into the gas and obstructing the flame. Its controls are conveniently placed at the front of the unit, ensuring that the flame is easily controlled. Another important feature you will find very useful is the control lock and child lock which prevents accidental activation or adjustments while cleaning. These safety features are there to help you make proper use of the unit without making a mess.

And you don’t have to worry about over extinguishing its pilot lights since the unit’s electronic ignition system keeps the flame alive even when there is accidental boil overs or spills.

Although this cooktop makes use of natural gas fuel, the liquid propane conversion kit gives you another alternative in case you don’t have natural gas hook-up in the kitchen.

Simple Installation

Installation of the GE Cafe series 36-inch burner is quite simple. But before buying, ensure you have enough space on your kitchen counter to accommodate the unit. Usually, the dimensions for this cooktop are 21 inches long, 36 inches wide and 3.25 inches high. To be on a safer side, you can contact a professional to assist you with the installation.

With the stainless steel surface and the dishwasher-safe grate, you will be dealing with a cooktop that holds a steady flame to give you a stress-free and efficient cook. The GE 36 inch model retains the highest customer review on Amazon. With these amazing capabilities it possesses and those kinds of ratings, why look further? Not yet sure it’s right for you?

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Ramblewood High Efficiency 2 Burner Gas Cooktop(Natural Gas), GC2-48N

Owning a Ramblewood burner gas cooktop is just like hitting a jackpot. With its low price tag and the amazing features it provides, there can’t be a better bargain. It is easy to use, and quite simple to clean after use.


An Efficient and time saving cooktop

Time is an important factor in our life and it will be frustrating when using a cooking stove that doesn’t seem to give out enough heat to cook your food. If you have a large family and want to get things done real fast in the kitchen, this Ramblewood gas cooktop will surely be of great help.

The elbow shaped connector can be detached or used directly. With this price, you will never see a gas burner cooktop that has such a great feature. The unit heats up very fast and can be used to cook anything. It is easy to install and does not require a professional installation when the instructions in the manual are followed. That’s not all! Its electric ignition makes it even stress-free to light up the burner and cook your meal. Everything you need in a fast and efficient stove is all embedded into one small compact size. If you are staying alone or have a small family, this nice looking cooktop will serve you well, considering its small size and hoe efficient it can be. It also has great customer reviews on Amazon.

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That concludes the Best Gas Cooktops Reviews 2015. There is never a time when preparing homemade food is easier than now. One of the factors responsible for this is the innovative technology used in designing gas cooktops. They are fast, efficient, and quite easy to use. If you are ordering one for your use, make sure you settle for the best, and you’ll be glad you did.



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