Best Collated Screw Gun Review (Ridgid, Tyrex, Senco, Makita)

A collated screw gun is similar to a regular screw gun in the fact that they are both designed specifically to drive screws into wood or drywall. However, a collated screw gun feeds collated screws into the collated screw gun, kind of like a nail gun. So, how can you actually use a collated screw gun to your benefit? The great thing about collated screw guns is that you can adjust the depth that you want the screw to go by applying pressure to the bit. This engages the clutch and drives the screw to your desired depth past the surface of the wood or drywall.

Always keep safety in mind when using a collated screw gun, as it runs upwards of 3,500 RPM’s, which can easily cause a serious injury. In addition, keep in mind that a collated screw gun self feeds the screws into the collated screw gun, so watch where you put your fingers. In this article, we will discuss four of the most popular collated screw guns along with the pros and cons of each one. You can find these products on and by buying at Amazon; you will get a low price with Amazon’s great standards of reliability and customer service.

1. Ridgid R6790 Collated Screw Gun


The Ridgid R6790 Collated Screwgun has an adjustable nose-piece that allows you to drive different sizes of screws. The strong motor with speeds of 3,500 RPM’s allows you to drive screws up to 2 inches in length. This collated screw gun also has an adjustable depth-of-drive function, which allows for consistent screw depth at your desired setting. In addition, there is a forward and reverse switch on the collated screw gun, allowing you to change the direction in which you are screwing into wood or drywall. The last function of this screw gun is that it has a lock-on button, which allows you to drive screws continually. This function does have a downfall in which injury can occur if not properly handled.


The Ridgid R6790 Collated Screwgun comes with a belt hook that makes it easy to carry when you are not using it. It also comes with a 12-foot cord made of all rubber materials for stability and accessibility. The lighted plug allows you to show tools that are live and plugged into an outlet. In addition, it includes a nose-piece, a wood nose-piece, 1 Phillips bit, 2 square bits, a 3/32-inch hex key, a 9/64-inch hex key, a heavy-duty contractor bag, and an operator’s manual.


The Ridgid R6790 Collated Screwgun comes with a limited three-year warranty, a 90-Day satisfaction guarantee policy, and a Lifetime Service Agreement. I am sure you will not regret buying the Ridgid R6790 Collated Screwgun, as professional contractors highly regard them on the job-site.

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2. Tyrex DCF5000 Corded Collated Screw Gun 1″-2″ Hi Torque

This is a great auto-feed screw gun and can run in large numbers of screws. Please click on the link below for more details.

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