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Trash can is one of the inevitable things in a home, clinic, office, classroom etc. The question is what should an ideal trash can be like. The ideal trash can is that which is designed well, user friendly, prevents bad smells and where the mess is not visible. Stainless steel made trash cans are very popular and are in trend these days.  Trash cans from different brands and companies can be purchased easily and cheaply from Amazon. Below are three of the top rated trash cans that are available:

1. Simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can

Simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash CanForewords

Design is important even if its trash bin! That’s what this garbage container is famous for. Its butterfly open lid opens from the center and creates more room to throw the rubbish in. The smart design of simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can lessen the chances of garbage fallen down on the floor or room’s carpet.

Amazing Features

There are some features which are enough to pop your eyes out. What are they? The first and the foremost awesome feature is that this trash can’s steel pedal will last after 150,000 steps. That simply means that if you step 40 times a day (which you obviously won’t) even then it can go for next 10 years. What more could anyone have ever expected from a trash bin than to last for more than 10 years even if used roughly. Its steel is finger print proof so it keeps on to look shiny and new forever. The lid’s opening and closing mechanism is free of noise. It opens and closes that slowly and softly that it makes no noise as such.

Other benefits

One would never want to place a dirty and messy looking trash can in the bed room, dining room or office. The benefit of this trash can is that it instead of looking dirty in the room, becomes a chic and stylish addition to enhance the room’s interior. Shipping is available for targeted areas if ordered from amazon.

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2. Simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can

Simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash CanIntroductory comments

The simplehuman Rectangular Trash Can is made up of stainless steel and has a capacity of 38 liters which is pretty awesome. Its steel pedal is made efficient enough to last 150,000 steps. In the ordinary trash cans, excess bag is visible with the opening of bin; but the case is different with this one. The bag is well hidden and maintains the cleanliness criteria that you would always like to follow in your room.

Other extra-ordinary features

Patented toe kick mechanism prevents its pedal to get damaged. It opens slowly without making any noise and gets closed in the same pretty manner. It has got so much space to hide a lot of mess inside meanwhile. It is available to purchase from amazon which is providing a free shipment service to selective areas.

Customers’ feedback

This is one of the most running trash cans available yet on the domain and people are having a wonderful experience with it. The average rating this bin has managed to receive from the consumers is of 4.7 stars out of 5. Adding to that, their comments speak out their hearts and every single user sound happy as well as satisfied with the performance and outcomes of this item.

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3. Nine Stars Infrared Touchless Steel Trash Can

Nine Stars Infrared Touchless Steel Trash CanWhat is it like?

Now you don’t need to touch the bin in order to open it, Nine Stars Touchless Steel Trash Can senses your hand’s position and opens automatically. It implodes the bad odors inside the bin and is made of stainless steel. Adding to that it keeps you from germs by its touchless feature.

Why you should choose it?

One of the most attractive features that is enough to attract many is its water resistant infrared motion Due to this technology the sensor detects the presence of your hand when it’s nearby. It opens automatically making no irritating noises and gets closed quietly as well. Moreover it also have an ability to save energy so that the battery life becomes 20% longer. Its size is quite big, about 21.1 gallon. In short, if you are looking for a modern technology stylish trash can to purchase online, then you must place your order for this one from amazon without wasting a beat.

User’s opinion

Those who have been experiencing are happy and satisfied with the performance of this item. The size of this trash bin is 14.8×18.3×28.7 inches which is adjustable in the room of any size or in any open area for that matter. It weighs around 14.5 pounds which is little hard to carry but overall it’s good by all the aspects. The average customer’s rating have been calculated as 4.3 stars out of 5 which is good enough for you to make a decision.

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The time has been changed and the era of those jute and plastic made trash can is a chapter of history now. The world is innovating new things day by day and these type of trash cans are also the part of it. The above mentioned trash cans are three of the most awesome and reliable ones for which customers have given an overwhelming response by far. The rates in collaboration with manufacturers, are on much discounts. Shipping service may also be provided for free of cost but within some particular areas. The best thing about stainless steel trash cans is that they always look new and shinier and are less awkward than that of the other common dustbins. Even their deluxe design and lavish looks add a certain kind of elegance in your room, kitchen, office, class room or wherever you place them.

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