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Best EQ Pedal Reviews

You’ve got your sound close – but it’s just not quite right. Or you want a scooped-mid sound for your rhythm and fat, chunky, solo sound. Or maybe you have a great sound but have near-constant feedback when you turn everything up to stage volumes. While these

Best Wah Pedal Reviews

The wah pedal is one of the most useful pedals in a guitarist’s arsenal. This pedal can make simple riffs and solos into awesome licks and is equally at home in almost any style or genre of music. WHAT IS A WAH PEDAL While wah pedals make

Best Phaser Pedal Reviews

If you’re needing some extra depth for a rhythm guitar part, a way to take your guitar solo to the next level, or you want something different than the normal chorus or tremolo modulation effects? You may be looking for a phaser pedal! Phaser pedals give your